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2019 VIP Awards2017 VIP Awards

4 Nominations, 1 win

Off Constantly:  Special award for 100 episodes !

Leonard: Behind the Scenes Award

Off Constantly:  Best Short Subject

D.W. Bauer:  Spirit Award

4 Nominations, 2 wins

Off Constantly:  Spirit Award Winner!

Mac Dolphy: Behind the Scenes Award  Winner!

Tim Dold:  Behind the Scenes Award

Justin and Sawyer Neal:  The Family Affair Award

2016 VIP Awards
6 Nominations, 3 wins
D.W. Bauer:  Director of the Year
D.W.  Bauer:  The Short Subject Award for "Volleyball Assist"  Winner!
Rick Bostrom:  The Mentor Award  Winner!
Jason "Bamba" Anderson:  The Endurance Award  Winner!
Jason "Bamba" Anderson:  Public Access Spirit Award
Mac Dolphy and Beaux Smith:  The Family Affair Award

2015 VIP Awards
6 Nominations, 2 wins
Off Constantly:  Crew of the Year
Off Constantly: Volunteers of the Year  Winner!
Mac Dolphy:  Rookie of the Year
Tim Dold: Eye of the Camera
Mac Dolphy and Beaux Smith:  The Family Affair Award
Justin Neal, Hunter Neal, and Hayden Neal:  The Family Affair Award  Winner!

2014 VIP Awards
8 Nominations, 3 wins
Brad Sanford (winner):  Most Programs Produced by a New Producer
Off Constantly (winner):  Crew of the Year
Tim Dold (winner):  Behind the Scenes Award
Brad Sanford (nominated): Excellence in Editing
Brad Sanford (nominated): Volunteer of the Year
Hayden Neal (nominated):  Wunderkind of the Year
Al Stiever (nominated):  Behind the Scenes Award
Jason Anderson (nominated):  Spirit Award

2013 VIP Awards
4 Nominations, 3 wins
Jason Anderson & D.W. Bauer (winners):  Most Programs Produced by a New Producer
Jason Anderson, Jason Wahl, & Sam Kreibich (winners):  Action!
Bart Tooker (winner):  Spirit Award
D.W. Bauer (nominated):  Excellence in Editing